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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Expansion recap

New Class
The Crusader is the new class announced for the Reaper of Souls expansion. Here is everything we know about him so far, plus some nice art and videos from Gamescom!

  • Uses Strength as main stat
  • Has confirmed Flails, Two-Handed Flails and Two-Handed Swords so far and focuses on Shields, adding their defense as damage. There are Crusader exclusive Shields in the game
  • Plays mid-range
  • Resource is Wrath (not confirmed how it’s generated)
  • Crusaders come from the same order as the Paladins and are, in fact, an elite branch of it
  • The Crusader starts at Act I, like all other characters
  • Skill Categories: Primary, Secondary, Defensive, Utility, Laws, Conviction (Screenshot)
  • Active Skills:
    • Punish – Hit your enemy. Your hits increase your sense of combat, which improves your ability to block. Requires a shield. (Cost: 5 Wrath) (roughly translated)
      • Retaliate – When you block, you do extra damage
    • Slash – Ignite the air in front of you, damaging all enemies (Cost: 5 Wrath)
      • Long Reach – Increases the range of Slash
    • Justice – Throw a hammer of justice at your enemies. (Cost: 5 Wrath)
    • Scourge – Scourge your enemies, surrounding them in threads of hallowed power. The threads cut and bleed enemies they attach to, and will seek out new enemies to latch onto and punish. (Generate: 5 Wrath per attack)
      • Bound Fate
      • Razor’s Edge
    • Laws of Justice – Active: Increases armor for the Crusader and his allies, while Laws of Justice are active. Passive: When you block an attack, you and your allies take less damage for a short duration. Requires a shield. Cooldown: 30 seconds
    • Laws of Valor – Active: Increases the damage of the Crusader and his allies, while Laws of Valor is active. Passive: When you critically hit, you and your allies do more damage for a short duration. Cooldown: 30 seconds
    • Laws of Fate – Active: Increases the speed of the Crusader and his allies, while Laws of Fate is active. Passive: When you dodge, you and your allies run faster for a short duration. Cooldown: 30 seconds
    • Sweep Attack – Spread a mystical plague in the air in a large arc, dealing heavy damage on enemies in front of you (Cost: 25 Wrath) (roughly translated)
    • Shield Glare – Temporarily blind enemies in front of you with your shield. Requires a shield. Cooldown: 12 seconds
      • Emblazoned Rune Shield – Blinded enemies sometimes explode when on low health
    • Judgement – Roots enemies for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds
    • Heaven’s Fury – Creates an area of holy power that burns and damages enemies (Cost: 40 Wrath)
    • Consecration – Creates sacred ground around you that heals both the Crusader and his allies. Cooldown: 20 seconds
      • Shattered Ground – The enemies within the area in effect take damage
    • Shield Bash – Blasts enemies in front of you. Requires a shield. (Cost: 25 Wrath)
    • Fist of the Heavens– Call a bolt from the sky damaging enemies in the area. (Cost: 30 Wrath)
      • Tempest of the Heavens
      • Well of Retribution – Create a well of holy lightning at the target location that will electrecute nearby enemies
      • Lightning Rod
      • Reverberation
    • Blessed Shield – Hurl a celestial shield through the air, smashing it into enemies and ricocheting it between them (Cost: 25 Wrath)
      • Staggering Shield
    • Blessed Hammer – Summons a blessed hammer that revolves around you damaging enemies. (Cost: 10 Wrath)
    • Provoke – Taunts the enemy to attack you for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds (Generate: 50 Wrath)
    • Falling Sword – The Crusader is launched in the air and lands on his enemies. Cooldown: 15 seconds (Cost: 25 Wrath)
      • Part of the Cloud – You create a lightning storm that covers the ground where the character falls, hitting enemies with lightning
  • Passive Skills:
    • Indestructible – You gain 1% armor for every 5% life that you lose
    • Wrathful – Wrath regeneration increased by 5% for 3 seconds after a block
    • Wrecking Ball
    • Against All Odds – When surrounded by 4 or more enemies within 15 yards, you gain 10% Crit Chance for 5 seconds
    • Finery – Gain 34 All Resist for each gem of different color on your gear, if you have five different gems you’ll gain another 34 All Resist
    • Heavenly Strength – Enable the crusader to hold a 2 handed weapon in main hand, but only if you have a Crusader shield in the other, in addition you lose 10% movement speed
    • Holy Cause – 10% more Holy damage on weapon. Also proc coefficient increased by 10% on Holy weapons
    • Vigilant
    • Long Arm of the Law
    • Stand Your Ground – Increase block chance by 5%, reduce dodge chance by/to X%
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